The PANCAVIAR company was founded in 2008.
We are the owner of one of the largest sturgeon broodstock in the world.

Our business lines:

Breeding and reproduction of valuable fish species “roe to roe”

Fertilized eggs production

Black sturgeon caviar production

Restaurant and hotel business

Our mission is to enable every person to become a healthy long-liver!

What makes us different from similar akfa-farms-giants? -We do not use growth stimulants when raising fish. During processing and manufacture, only the permitted amount of salt is used. Free of emulsifiers and stabilizers.

We grow:

Siberian sturgeons



Our dear customers

The group of companies is

Complex “Admiral”

Located 35 km from Tbilisi. In the Kvemo Kartli region, Georgia. There is a national reserve near us. Water is taken from the melt waters of Lake Algeti, the region is selected from the point of view of ecological purity. In this complex we are engaged in aquaculture – we grow cold-water salmon species of fish: salmon, trout. Production of valuable types of caviar – sturgeon, salmon. The area of all buildings and structures is over 10,000 sq. M.

Rion sturgeon factory

Located in the Colchis Valley on its own island of the Rioni River, 14 km from the city of Kutaisi. The plant owns a land area of ​​60 hectares. Also buildings with an area of ​​more than 10 thousand square meters. Water supply is carried out from the Rioni River. There is also a network of artesian wells on the territory with a total water debit of about 100 l / sec. Our factory is unique in that it is located on a washed island. Around us are the waters of the Rioni River. And this plant was originally built for the reproduction of sturgeon fish species, which are still found in the Black Sea. Such fish species as: Black Sea beluga, Russian sturgeon Colchis form, Persian sturgeon, stellate sturgeon and the Atlantic sturgeon that has disappeared all over the world, which is also found in the water area of ​​the Georgian part of the Black Sea.

All products are certified by ISO

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