Caviar House

Guaranteed quality

Each batch of raw materials, containers and finished products – everything undergoes the necessary veterinary and sanitary control in order to obtain a safe product.

Natural product

We do not use hormones and antibiotics to accelerate the ripening of caviar, because the naturalness of ripening directly affects its taste.

Eco friendly product

From the first days, all fish live and grow only in the flowing water of mountain rivers, which ensures premium quality caviar.

Natural sturgeon caviar and trout caviar available

“Egg to egg” technology

– The plant operates in a closed caviar production cycle. We distribute the obtained fry into two types – for slaughter and for broodstock. The former are raised to obtain caviar for sale, the latter to replenish the herd.

– This technology makes it possible to replenish the sturgeon population.

– The production of black caviar begins with the selection of fish: the healthiest and largest sturgeon individuals are selected, then they are placed in reservoirs with a special and carefully maintained water regime.

– From females and males, reproductive cells are taken, female eggs are mixed with male sperm and placed in prepared trays. Collecting eggs is like milking a cow. Some fish can be milked in this way up to twice a year.

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